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Bernard Kim, MD

Dr. Bernard Kim has enjoyed the privilege of offering services in psychiatry and psychotherapy to the Austin community since 2004.  Dr. Kim remains indebted to his psychotherapy training, which informs his care for every patient, whether or not he is the primary therapist.  He is board certified, attended a top-tier residency program (training/recognitions) and has acquired multiple awards during his training.

He has remained dedicated to the craft of psychotherapy throughout his career and relishes one of his most enjoyable tasks–passing on these skills to the next generation of providers.  In addition to providing supervision to Pondworks’ nurse practitioners, Dr. Kim serves on the adjunct faculty of The University of Texas Dell Medical School Psychiatry Residency Program as an individual supervisor of resident physicians training in psychotherapy. Pondworks also serves as a preceptorship site for advanced practice nursing students from The University of Texas School of Nursing.  Dr. Kim’s style of care is present in all aspects of the creation and daily maintenance of Pondworks.

What people say about working with Dr. Kim…

  • “Dr Kim has a gifted ability to get straight to the root of the problem by the way he listens.  Nice to have a psychiatrist who combines medication with counseling all at the same time.”

  • “Dr. Kim may be the best supervisor we have! Please keep him available for future classes!”

  • “Dr. Kim has been a trusted confidant.  With his help I’ve been able to remove roadblocks to live a more fulfilling, rich life.”

  • “Thanks for the help!”

Tricia Mitchell Kim, 
Director of Operations & Business Development of Pondworks Psychiatry

Tricia has a passion for quality improvement, especially when it comes to making it easier for patients to access to greater emotional and mental health.  Her behind-the-scenes role at Pondworks includes creating most of the administrative systems in the office and ensuring that service to patients is always considered first.  Tricia’s many “hats” include

  • managing operations

  • bookkeeping and finance

  • human resources

  • strategy

  • patient advocacy

  • marketing, including maintaining the Pondworks website

  • measurement and evaluation

  • working with insurance companies

Tricia has an MBA from Rice University, and her professional experience includes work in health care quality improvement at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.  For fun, she enjoys music and basketball.

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