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About BioPsychoSocial

Welcome to BioPsychoSocial, the official field journal in blog form for Pondworks Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Austin TX.  It represents a space committed to wordsmithing compelling explanations for the mental health care landscape.  Here, you’ll find articles on a wide range of special topics, as well as core theme subjects that are particularly relevant to our routine daily work with patients.   One post might be specific to how Pondworks delivers care; another might discuss overarching U.S. mental health care delivery questions.  You’ll find that many of our articles reflect the spirit of the biopsychosocial medical model, which approaches illness as a complex interplay of biological factors, individual psychology and social health.


A core set of writers from our Pondworks staff will act as regular contributors. They will be joined by guest writers within and external to Pondworks. We will be working towards bringing topics and writers across a broad range of backgrounds to offer their insight. It is our hope to produce informative, pertinent and entertaining articles that help you get to know us and our mission.

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